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Parent's Feedback

“I am very satisfied sending my child to Maple Bear. Utkarsh has picked up so much and has become very active. I feel that the staff is very caring and attentive towards each child. Every child is given due importance.” 
-Mrs. Shweta Sekhri
Parent of Utkarsh Sekhri (Pre-Nursery)
“My son has adjusted very well in Maple Bear. The staff is very cooperative and warm with the children so as to make them comfortable. The curriculum and the methods are very innovative and build strong basics for the children.”
-Mr. Pratap Kumar
Parent of Shuchi Kumar (Kindergarten)
“We are extremely grateful to Maple Bear for its role in the blossoming of our child. Apart from routine writing work, the way various concepts (like germination, pollution, etc.) have been taught is commendable. The emphasis on over-all development of the child is appreciative and heartfelt.” Shereen is happy being a part of Maple Bear and nothing is more satisfying for a parent than a child looking forward to going to school.” 
-Mrs. Sharmishtha Koul Sharma
Parent of Shereen Sharma (Nursery)
“The school provides warm and affectionate care to the children. Amazing activities open the children’s mind. Individual attention is given to each child’s needs and requirements. There is a good interaction with the parents too which helps them understand the methods and systems of the school.”
-Mrs. Leena Setia
Parent of Abeer Setia (Pre-Nursery)
“The atmosphere in the school is wonderful, child-centered and caring. My child has settled in so well in the school that even at home that is all she talks about.”
-Mrs. Reema Kapoor
Parent of Jaya Kapoor (Toddler


The Maple Bear™ early childhood program features a variety of learning spaces for independent, and small or large group activities. Since most children need to be active, there is a range of learning areas or centres to provide for the different needs and interests of the children.


By the end of Senior Kindergarten, children will communicate effectively in English through listening and speaking. They will develop a good understanding of alphabetical symbols and will be able to read basic text in English. In addition, they will be proficient in using phonic strategies to approach new words and writing strategies appropriate for beginners.  

Children will develop into problem solvers. They will learn extensively within this field- regarding patterns in the environment, number concepts, comparisons, sets, basic formal operations (for e.g. adding, subtracting), 3-D objects, simple graphs and basic measurement.
Children will demonstrate a curiosity about the natural world, display knowledge of characteristics in common materials, identify cycles in nature using techniques of observation, and work with others while using the computer in all aspects of their studies.
Children will comprehend colour, shape and use of media to express ideas. They will be capable of responding to music, art, drama and dance.
Children will develop physical skills (balance, flexibility), an awareness of health and safety rules, an understanding of sharing, taking turns, cooperation and socially acceptable behaviour.

Children will learn to share, pay attention, respect others, and appreciate that individuals have diverse talents and functions in our society.



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