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Principal's Message

Welcome to our website. This website will provide you with useful and important information about our school. It has various links that we encourage you to view and we hope you will find them useful. Chanderbala Modi Academy caters to the educational needs of roughly 1200 students of the Bharuch District.
Chanderbala Modi Academy is a wonderful place to teach and learn. An experienced and aptly qualified teaching staff is the driving force of this school. The school is also privileged to have the whole hearted support of the parents and the management in all its endeavours. I acknowledge the co-operation of the District Authorities in all the activities of the school. The collaborative effort of all these constituents has been critical to our advancement.
This institution is committed to the achievement of its core objective of imparting quality education. In its pursuit we offer a variety of programmes including extended learning opportunity for Maths in a digital Maths Lab, and digital classrooms to make learning more interesting.
 As you browse through the pages of this website, you will notice the wealth of opportunities the students can avail here. I encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities and become involved in the extra-curricular activities that interest them. When students become involved in sports, music, drama, and school clubs along with their academic pursuit, their scholastic achievement often improves and they emerge as all-rounders.
Please feel free to contact us for any other information related to the school.
Mr. L.V.Singh 


Maple Bear offers programs modeled upon current Canadian early childhood practices. The program is designed to educate the child in a wholesome manner: physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Integration of subjects provides a rich and stimulating program which encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression. Maple Bear is a secure environment where risk-taking is encouraged, and where children perceive themselves as capable and competent learners.
We offer the following facilities at CMA:
Air Conditioned Maple Bear Classes:
We believe that a child learns to his/her maximum potential in a relaxed environment. We involve the body, mind and soul of the child into the curriculum and to support the system we provide air-conditioned classes so that the child is not over exausted in his or her endeavours. 
EduComp Smart Classes:
Introducing EduComp Smart Classes to bring about a successful transformation to digital technology-enabled teaching and learning.
Tutorial classes for IIT, AIEEE and other entrance exams
Introduction of CCTV in the campus to ensure a healthy environment

Digital classrooms and Electronic Maths Lab:
In the current scenario of modern teaching methods, our school has three Digital Classrooms and one Electronic Maths Lab to teach our students with the help of audio-visual technique
We have well-equipped Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Biotechnology Labs.

Book Store:
A Book Store is located on the school premises so that the students can procure their books etc. from the school itself

The school has a well-equipped library with approximately 10,000 books, magazines, periodicals etc.

Medical Room:
We have a medical room with two beds and all necessary medicines and First Aid items 

Art Room:
The students can develop their drawing and painting skills under the guidance of our highly experienced drawing teacher

Craft and Clay Modelling Rooms:
Our Crafts Department teaches our students to make different articles from Sola Wood and Paper etc. The Clay Modelling teacher helps the students to use clay for making various types of caricatures and items. 

Proper arrangements for commuting students from various pick-up points in Ankleshwar and Bharuch have been made. We have numerous buses and jeeps to cater to this need.

Special coaching for IIT/PMT/AIEEE: 
A special arrangement has been made to provide excellent coaching facilities to our students in the school premises itself.

Hygienic and healthy food at a subsidised rate is available in the school canteen. 

Drinking Water:
The school provides pure drinking water to students and staff. The colony in which the school is situated has a R.O. Plant which gives the school regular supply of clean, germ and bacteria free water.

The school is situated in the colony of Gujarat Guardian Limited, an area guarded by security personnel all day


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