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A Parent’s View

The parents today face more pressures than ever in getting a child into a good preschool. The atmosphere of competitiveness is one of the most significant changes we witness that makes parents understandably anxious.

Children go through many transitions throughout their lives, but one of the most important transitions is the one from parents hand to preschool program. It is during this period behaviour is shaped and attitudes are formed that will influence children throughout their life.

Although academics may be becoming increasingly more important, but social skills are most important of all. Preschool teachers should feel pressured into teaching academics beyond what is developmentally “best practice” but should continue to focus on social and emotional development. Three social skills that are known to influence child’s peer acceptance: play behaviour, ability to enter play groups, and communication skills. When we had an eligible child for preschool we went to see almost 25 preschools. We had a lot of concern in our mind and one of the most important was that we were not looking for a preschool which was boosting of converting a 2.5 years old child into a PhD scholar but an environment where the child is nurtured and loved with utmost personal care. I strongly believe that child is more anxious and eager to learn than eat or play. One can teach them absolutely anything that you present to them in an honest and factual way. Every child born has, at the instant of birth, an inherent intelligence. Intelligence is rather a birth gift conferred upon human as Natures’ highest gift. All other creatures of earth, however extraordinarily capable, are limited to their creations. Homo sapiens, as we are called, cannot fly like the eagle, swim like the shark, run like the tiger. All creations of god have within them their own limitation but Homo sapiens are product of their own intelligence. The extinction of any creature is because of its own specialty e.g. the dinosaurs were fully adapted to the environment and when the environment went, so did the dinosaurs. We humans are the only creature in the billion year history of earth which have within them the seeds of their own destruction or exultation. Without knowledge there can be no intelligence and without intelligence, there is no true life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. If we take ourselves to most intelligent, selfless, cooperative best, we human beings are superb, imaginative, adaptable, joyful and heroic. To achieve this all we need is a truly good foundation wherein the preschool pitches in.

When we as parents walked into the Maple Bear, Noida School, we instantly felt that comfort zone. The experience our sweetest daughter, Saumya Ahuja, has at Maple Bear, Noida have exceeded our expectations of what a preschool program would be. The engaging environment stimulates a creativity and confidence in our child that will undoubtedly carry over into her future.

The quality of the program along with the personal care and attention child receives makes Maple Bear an outstanding school and our child is always excited for the day ahead.

We love the way she is engaged to be creative and to think about the world around her. Her teachers listen and respond to us with genuine concern and she approaches each new day at school with enthusiasm and delight.
Mr. Sareshth Ahuja & Ms. Shilpy Madan, Parents of Saumya Ahuja (Maple Bear Noida)
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