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Toddlers - Cleaning Chores and Washing Dishes


Canada Day Celebrations

Happy to be Back - July 2014!

On the Farm

Fancy Dress & Antakshari @ Gaur Global Village

Diwali Celebrations

Five Senses

Ramlila Enactment

Dusshera Celebrations

Fun with Letter Writing n Posting

"YUMMY" Shapes

Exploring Shapes

Grandparents' Day

Grandparents play a very significant role in the lives of children and in order to fortify and celebrate this bond, Grandparents day was celebrated in our centre with lively participation from all kids. In order to create a beautiful memory bank and cherish this beautiful bond, kids engaged in a paper craft activity by pasting their photographs along with their grandparent’s photos on paper card. They embellished it with sequins, glass work and glitter and created a beautiful memento out of it for keepsake.


Pairing "Pairs"


Janamashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, was celebrated in the Maple Bear Crossings Republik centre, with much fanfare and gusto. Entire centre was adorned “paper matkis” on eve Janmashtami and kids were dressed up in colorful and vibrant attires of Radha and Krishna. Amidst the spirit of fun and frolic, moms and tots jointly and enthusiastically participated in pot decoration bringing out their creative best. 

Nursery Children in Action

Van Mahotsav Day (Forest Day)

Van Mahotsav, an annual tree planting festival of India was celebrated on 27th July, with much delight and fervor in Maple bear Crossings Republik Centre. The thought behind celebrating this festival with small kids is to instill awareness on importance of saving and planting trees. Kids actively participated in the event by making trees out of cut leaves and branches. This activity was followed by sapling plantation by kids in clay pots with their names tags on it. Kids energetically and eagerly took part in the whole exercise, making first ever celebration in the centre a delightful success.

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