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Sneak Peek

Continuing with learning through experience and exploration, Toddlers learned about farm animals, zoo animals, and are on their way to explore the sky now. In the unit At the Farm, they enjoyed singing and dancing at Old Mac Donald’s farm, learned that all farm animals live together, sing in different sounds and gift us with various products to eat and wear. Toddlers spotted the cows with different colours, created the muddiest pig, alongside snacking on the pig slop, thanking Mamma hen for yummy boiled eggs and the awesome omelets.
The next unit introduced was Zoo animals; the 3D model of Zoo was used extensively in the class to help Toddlers learn about zoo animals, and they participated in lots of “pretend” activities - wish we could be kids again!
The Nursery unit for the month was “My Five senses”. Children learn about the world mainly through their five senses. Children participated in various fun and learning activities to recognize how critical their senses are to their everyday lives and were encouraged to actively use their senses to learn new things and express the same through expressions or verbally.  They will soon begin practicing pre-writing skills!
JKG children completed their Elephants unit where teachers discussed with them and compared the African and the Asian elephant in terms of appearance, habitat, food, communication, uses of trunks, and the social makeā€up of herds. They were exposed to related vocabulary. They are now moving towards completing their unit on Egg Layers.
SKG completed its unit on Trees and Jungles and learnt various facts about trees. They also learnt the various ways humans and animal use trees.
The centre celebrated Diwali with a very high festive spirit. In order to augment creativity in tiny tots, children made paper rockets and decorated them with an assortment of materials such as colours and glitter etc. The centre invited mothers for Diya and Rangoli competition where mothers participated with a lot of passion and came up with wonderful pieces of their art and creative expressions!
The centre also celebrated Children’s Day by organizing a picnic at the Swarn Jayanti Park. The excitement on the faces of the little ones was worth it! The teachers made them play various games that they thoroughly enjoyed and then danced their hearts out to lovely musical numbers.
The celebrations were complete with Thanksgiving Day, where children were told about the importance of having gratitude for having family, friends, and various things that god has blessed us with.


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