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The Maple Bear vision is to combine the very best of Canadian educational practices with a child-centred system in order to bring Canadian education (whether early learning, elementary, higher schooling) to students around the world. We believe this can be accomplished by focusing on language acquisition and development, literacy, English-language arts (ELA), mathematics, science and technology, creative activity, physical skills and well being, as well as personal and social awareness. Maple Bear Canadian preschools share the belief that educating the young is a great responsibility given to us by parents and society. Our actions must therefore reflect the highest possible standards of professional performance and professional integrity.

About Us

Sonepat’s first truly Global and International Preschool is here:
  • Located in spacious surroundings, Maple Bear Sonepat has excellent infrastructure.
  • The student teacher ratio for each classroom is 10:1.
  • It has an activity centre, indoor and outdoor playroom, an audio-visual and computer room.
  • The preschool has a multi-storied building.
  • The classrooms are well lit, airy and spacious.
  • Safety and hygiene have been given the highest priority in the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure.
  • The stairs have child height bars to hold onto while climbing, to make it safe and easy for the children to use stairs.
  • The stairs have gates to avoid any accident as the children move around the premises.
  • The washrooms are spotless and child-sized to encourage independence.
  • Furniture inside the classes is attractive, child-friendly and child-sized.
  • The soothing colours and fine ambience provide the right environment for learning and growing.



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