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In 2013 we begin our seventh year with Maple Bear. We are aiming towards achieving higher standards of education in this part of India. It is truly an international chain, having spread all over India but also around the world. Our vision is to combine Canadian educational practices with a child-centred system in order to bring the very best form of early education to our students. We believe that this can be accomplished by focusing on language acquisition and development, literacy, English-language arts, creative activity, physical skills and well-being, and finally, personal and social awareness.
We believe that educating the young ones is an enormous responsibility given to us by parents; our actions must therefore reflect the highest possible standards of professional performance and integrity. We maintain high standard of hygiene and our classrooms are air conditioned and comfortable. Cameras have been installed for supervision purposes in each class room. All festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Outdoor visits are planned in such a way that they are both instructive and enjoyable. We encourage parents to be involved in school activities as much as possible. The Annual Function and Baby Show are truly a treat to watch.
-Mrs. Veena Aggarwal, Principal


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