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Additional Facilities Offered

  • Van service
  • Centrally air conditioned rooms
  • Food heating facilities
  • Surveillance cameras in class rooms
  • Doctor on call
  • Monthly press-coverage of the activities of children




The Maple Bear™ early childhood program features a variety of learning spaces for independent, and small or large group activities. Since most children need to be active, there is a range of learning areas or centres to provide for the different needs and interests of the children.
Art Centre

This centre has painting and drawing materials, scissors, glue, tape and a variety of papers to allow the children to explore and express their feelings and ideas.

Construction Centre

Blocks and manipulative toys encourage the children to design, create and build.

Dramatic Play Centre

Children with props for playing house, hospital, or store, as well as puppets and dress-up clothes for imaginative play.

Games Centre

Puzzles and table games for the children to share, think, problem solve and develop their small-motor skills.

Library and Listening Centre

Books and tapes to read and to listen to.

Mathematics Centre

Manipulative materials for children to sort, count, classify, measure and learn number sense.

Sand and Water Centre

Cups, spoons and funnels allow the children to measure and experiment with volume.

Science and Exploration Centre

Rocks, nests, insects, bones and shells may make their way to this area along with magnets, balances, books and a magnifying glass.

Large Motor Skills

Areas to play games and develop physical skills.

Writing Centre

Stocked with paper, pencils and crayons.

Day Care Facilities

Every parent wishes for their child to be nurtured in a loving, caring and secure environment. Parents would want proper care and attention given to the little ones, especially during their initial stages of development. Our day care center takes care of your child, starting from hygiene to safety and makes

Writing Centre

Stocked with paper, pencils and crayons.


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