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If you have any queries regarding the admission process in DMI Maple Bear Canadian Pre School, please fill out the Admission Enquiry on the right.
Registration for new admission is open from 1st of January every year. Parents are requested to register their ward accordingly. The students will have to undergo an Entrance Test for admission.
For the purpose of registration, the Prospectus and Admission Form can be collected from the School Office on any working day during office hours, on the payment of Rs. 800/- (Eight Hundred) as registration fees. The admission form can also be downloaded from the school website. The form, duly filled in, may be posted to the school address along with a D.D. of Rs.800 /-
in favour of Dayawati Modi International, payable at Modipuram, Meerut.

Registration for admissions can be made online or offline also.

For offline Registration Click here to download Registration Form

For Online Registration Click here.



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