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Maple Bear, Bear Care and Unique Programs

Maple Bear, Bear Care program has been designed, keeping in mind the physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotional needs of the child (appropriate to each age).

The program takes care of all the aspects related to development in children and helps children’s holistic growth.

The Maple Bear, Bear Care is offered as a value added service in a structured and detailed manner available for both- its own enrolled children, as well as for children from various other schools.

Thus, it poses an opportunity for children from schools other than Maple Bear, to experience firsthand the core pillars of the Maple Bear system.

MOMS AND TOTS (Dads and Grandparents too)
Develop your parenting toolkit by registering for this program at the nearest Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school.
  • Have fun with your child in a space specifically designed for young children.
  • Benefit through hands on experience with the guidance of an experienced teacher on parenting.
  • Meet other parents of toddlers, preschoolers and enjoy lively discussions.
  • Learn about child development.
This program provides parents of children at this age with an option for academic registration on Saturdays (especially convenient for parents who work on Saturdays, or want to keep their child busy during part of the weekend). The program is focused on mostly all interactive and hands-on exercises that will reinforce themes being taught during the course of their regular school year.
The Saturday program is beneficial for those children having some difficulty grasping certain topics taught from Monday to Friday. Simultaneously, the themes may be expanded for quick learners.
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