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Month of June was hectic with the commencement of a new academic year and settling the children. 

The whole team exhibited a great enthusiasm and co-operation in settling the children in a smoother way. 
Father's Day Celebration, being the first celebration of the academic year was celebrated in a full swing, where children from all levels were encouraged by the respective teachers to share their favourite moments with their father's, why they love their father's the most etc and all kids with the support of their teachers created a takeaway from the school to wish and make their father's feel special on this occasion.
All time favourite of kindergarten children and teachers - Author Eric Carle's birthday was celebrated with a complete involvement and participation from teachers and children. The children explored how the books are different from other author's books. 
Toddlers and Nursery selected a character from one of Eric Carle's books and enjoyed doing a colourful collage as a takeaway.
JKG children attempted to make a word collage of the Eric Carle’s Book read to them.
On the whole it was an exciting first month with birthday celebrations added too and we are happy that the children have settled in smoothly. 


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