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Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School - Pattom

James Villa, Ptra-33
Plamoodu – Thekkummoodu Road
Plamoodu Junction
Pattom P.O
Kerala 695004

Tel : +91 4713190005 
        +91 9020090005


Since children need to keep active, a variety of learning areas and centres are provided at Maple Bear for the needs and interests of children of different ages:

Art and Craft Centre:
Painting and drawing materials, glue, tape and a variety of papers allows children to explore and express ideas and their feelings.

Library and Audio/Visual Centre:
Books, tapes and CD/DVD are available to read, listen and see.

Large motor skill development Centre:
Areas to play games and develop physical skills (outdoor & indoor play area)

Mathematics Centre:
Manipulative materials for children to sort, count, classify, measure and learn number logic

Science and Exploration Centre:
Rocks, nests, insects, bones and shells are some elements in this area. Magnets, balances, books and a magnifying glass encourage children to observe and investigate

Game and Puzzle Centre:
There are puzzles and table games for the children to share, think, solve problem and develop their small motor skills

Construction Centre:
Blocks and manipulative toys encourage children to design, create and build

Role-play Centre:
This area provides children with props for playing house, hospital or store. There are also puppets and dress up clothes for imaginative play.

Sand and Water Centre:
Cups, spoons and funnels allow the children to measure and experiment with volume.

Music Centre:
Simple musical instruments are provided here to encourage the children to experiment with sound, tempo and rhythm


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