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Sneak Peek

The First Theatre Performance was held on 15th May by Nursery kids. It was the first stage exposure for our little bears. They enacted on the story “Are You My Mother?” in which they played different roles like a bird, cat, dog, hen etc. which enthralled everybody.
Paying a tribute to Motherhood, an ostentatious ceremony was held on 9th May. Saluting all Supermoms the day was spent with huge pomp and show; followed by fun-filled activities. Mothers enjoyed playing games like Tam bola and a game of spices in which they had to close their eyes and guess the spices by smelling them. They also had done T-shirt printing. All supermoms stepped on the ramp and rocked the show.
Mom n me programme was organised for 15 days for the age group from 1 year and above children. The children had lot of fun activities, music sessions, story time, fun with craft etc. Children had gala time for 15 days.
The enthralling expedition of exploration, excitement, entertainment and learning commenced on 18th May 2015 and went on till 12th June 2015. The fun grasped an all new altitude. With the finale performances and the parties the kids entered a scintillating zone of entertainment. The theme for this year’s Summer Camp was "I AM A SURVIVOR”. Grooming talent under one head, the summer camp engulfed numerous activities in it. Theatre playing the Lead role, followed by Aero-modelling, Musical Broadway, clay modelling, art and craft, cold cooking, manners matters, adventure sports, origami, urban farming, dance, self-defence, globathon... to name a few. The four week activities followed by a finale performance towards the end made us all proud. The Mask Party, Adventure Party and Rain Dance Party acted as the icing on the cake.         


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