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Summer Camps

Summer Camps: 

Fun filled activities with learning, laughter, friends and memories

  Jungle Book Summer Camp:

   Age Group: Level 1 (3-5 years        old) and Level 2 (6-8 years old) 

  The Story About Earth:

   The summer camp will focus on      the evolution of Earth. 


 Ballu - Untold Story:

 Pack your bags & get ready for  an adventure! Join Ballu explore  the wonders of the world.


  Toddler Summer Camp:

   2 weeks (2 to 3 years old)


  Trees Trees Trees : 

  2 weeks (3 to 6 years old)



  2 weeks (3 to 6 years old)



  3 weeks (3 to 6 years old)


  Drama Camp:

  2-3 weeks (3 to 7 years old)


   Five Week Summer Camp
   5 weeks (3 to 7 years old)


  India for Kids: 

  4 weeks (4 to 10 years old) 


  Forensic Science:

  3 weeks (4 to 10 years old)


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