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Sneak Peek

Students at maple bear Raj Nagar are always provided ample opportunities and exposure to insure their overall development. The month of December also saw many such instances. It began with table manners where children learn the use of fork and knife.
On Thanks giving day students were explained why it was important to thank God for all his blessings. It was also emphasized that one should always feel thankful towards parent and family. The student made thanks giving cards for their parents and carried back home. Then there was a salad making competition where our mother’s actively participated and enjoyed with their kids.
Christmas is a time to give and forgive and is celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair. We too at school celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children. Children were filled with joy as Santa appeared. The delight was uncontained especially as he brought out the gifts! Children also visited church where they enjoyed a lot.


On the academic front our toddlers and nursery enjoyed learning about opposites, air and butterflies. 


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