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I started sending my little one to Maple Bear Safdarjung Enclave when he was 8 months old. It was a very difficult decision for me like it is for all mothers. I was very concerned about Arsh falling ill, having separation anxiety and wasn't sure if it was right for me to get back to work.

However the entire staff at the school was so welcoming and affectionate that it made the transition easy. Obviously there were days when Arsh cried not seeing me around but the teachers always gave me the true feedback and also had suggestions to help Arsh adjust.
Soon my little one started enjoying school so much so that he used to cry going back home. The complete opposite of how he started. I saw lots of positive changes in him. He started eating better. Earlier I had to run around to make him eat but now he was very comfortable sitting in his high chair and eating. He became more social and independent. He started exploring new things and I resumed my work peacefully.
It was always so pleasant to visit the school as everyone greeted us with a very warm smile. More so the teachers were very accommodating. There were days when I had meetings and had to leave Arsh for longer hours. They would always ensure he was well taken care of. 
When Arsh was around 18 months we relocated to Singapore and initially it was very difficult for me as Maple Bear school had become such an important support system for me. Also Arsh had grown very fond of his caretakers specially Shalu Ma'am. 
I hoped that Singapore would have several good school options so it would be fine. However to my surprise I was very disappointed with the pre school I enrolled Arsh in. It was quite a popular school in our neighborhood but in the first few days I realized it was nowhere close to what I had experienced in India. The teacher to student ratio was poor and I felt Arsh got very little personal attention. I found him playing on his own without teacher supervision which given his age I wasn't comfortable with. 
In Maple Bear this was never the case. The teacher's or didi's were always watching the kids. 
Soon I withdrew the admission and searched for a Maple bear school in Singapore. Fortunately found one nearby and enrolled Arsh there. I am quite pleased with the experience so far. The teachers here are also thorough professionals and very caring. 
Though there are cultural differences in the two Maple bear schools however I can say with confidence that they ensure all the kids have a safe and healthy growing environment. Parents can live with peace of mind that their little one is well taken care of.

Thanks Maple Bear for being the second home for my kid.

Happy Parent 
Thanks to Maple Bear Safdarjung for making Anhad confident. Love the way teachers handle education and overall development.
Thank You!!
Manjot Kaur.
Excellent focus by the teachers. Has helped Manya a lot in her progress.
Happy Parent


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