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Parent Testimonials

"Maple Bear is a good school. Shubh has improved a lot after joining Maple Bear. His class teacher was very supportive."
“Maple Bear has been a great school for the growth of my child. It has helped my child grow physically, mentally and morally. Her confidence has improved greatly .The material the school has provided has helped her learn. Maple involves the kids in outdoor activities like picnics which the kids really enjoy. The Principal and teachers are very co-operative and handle the kids well. As a parent I would recommend putting your child in Maple Bear to see the difference in their child’s growth.”

-Soumya George 

"I extend my warm and sincere thanks to the teaching and non-teaching staff for the care and nourishment they offered my child. Studying at Maple Bear has been a great experience for my daughter, Tiya. Every morning she would get ready for school with great enthusiasm. She really enjoyed the classroom activities. I would like to praise the teachers for the effort put in.
I would also like to thank Kashifa Ma’am for being patient with such a naughty class! I can see great improvement in child’s behaviour and personality.  She is a wonderful and dedicated teacher. Tiya was lucky to have her as class teacher.
Maple Bear, Indirapuram is the best school in the locality. The school has struck the right balance with study and outdoor activities. The teaching pedagogy followed is excellent. I want to thank the organisation for creating a great experience for my kid! "

-Shruti Sabharwal 

About Us

"Maple Bear has been an excellent school for my daughter. She thoroughly enjoyed her 2 years of education there. I was very reluctant on the first day of her school as Saanre didn’t know a single word of English and Hindi.  I want to thank Maple Bear for insisting on talking in English which helped her pick up the language very soon. The practical approach to teaching at Maple Bear is very good. Saanvi has absorbed each activity done in class and is able to explain things beautifully. A special thanks to Heena Ma’am. She is a wonderful teacher and Saanre was lucky to have her as her class teacher. We would also like to thank Jaya Ma’am for this wonderful journey. We thank the entire Maple Bear team for returning our daughter a wiser and more responsible child."
"I was sure that it would take a miracle to make my child leave the warmth of my lap and comfort of his home and be comfortable anywhere else. I saw that miracle happen at Maple Bear! My child was welcomed so warmly and was made so comfortable that the transition from home to play school was a happy one. I wanted to thank the experienced and very patient teachers in the Toddler section.
As he moved to the nursery section, he started blooming! When he came back and said and did things that I hadn’t taught him, I knew he was in the right hands.
I must say that everybody at Maple Bear puts in a lot of effort to bring out the best in every child. Every child is cared for. The teaching techniques used are innovative and effective. Learning by watching, experimenting and do-it-yourself methods makes a child a quick and interested learner. The set routine is essential in inculcating good habits in children.
The best thing that happened to my child at Maple Bear is Mili and Sonika Ma’am. I handed them a tiny spark and with their hard work, patience and love they made him shine like a star! Hats off to them!
I thank everyone at Maple Bear for building a strong foundation for my child’s future "
-Shikha Sharma (M/O. Nipun Gaur)
We were very impressed with the structure of the schools curriculum and the different types of activities. We were also very happy with the teacher’s polite, loving, and caring behaviour with the kids. Special thanks to Mili and Sonika Ma’am for caring for my child through the year. 
-Keshav Sharma


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