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Core Curriculum Highlights for Maple Bear Elementary Program

The Maple Bear Elementary Program in India follows instruction in English.  Subjects taught include English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science.  There are other subjects as per local requirements included which are Hindi and Social Studies. Maple Bear Elementary program is aligned keeping in mind the learning outcomes as per NCERT national curriculum framework followed in CBSE affiliated schools

English Language Arts

At all grades, the focus is on acquiring language and literacy skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students learn to read and produce a wide range of texts, including media, transactional (letters, e-mails, etc.), and terary texts. The level of sophistication grows with the advancing grade levels. All classrooms must be literacy-rich environments.


The themes of number sense and numeration, measurement, geometry and spatial sense, patterning and algebra, data management and probability are developed in increasing complexity at each grade level. The program emphasizes problem solving, understanding concepts, application of procedures and communication about mathematics.


The science program emphasizes enquiry and the use of the scientific method in science classes.  At each grade level increasingly complex topics are studied from the fields of biology, physics, chemistry and environmental science. The emphasis is on experimentation and application rather than memorization. All instruction in the Maple Bear Elementary School follows educational principles which have made Canadian practice so successful:
Outcomes are defined: Learning is targeted to achieve very specific learning outcomes. It is clear what the children need to learn.
Canadian performance standards are applied: Canadian performance standards determine the learning outcomes. Maple Bear students are expected to achieve performance levels similar to Canadians.
Curriculum development for English-language subjects is done in Canada by Canadian experts.
Canadian style teaching strategies are implemented: Canadian teaching strategies encourage student independence, strong literacy skills, higher level thinking and problem solving.
A sophisticated set of learning resources are used: Learning resources include books, manipulative materials, visual materials, electronic media, and computer technology.



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