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Sneak Peek

The month of December meant dropping temperature and vibrant activities spread all over. The chill did not refrain our tiny toddlers and J.KG kids to a visit to the zoo. The visit added to their ongoing curriculum being done in their classes. The students were overjoyed exploring the zoo in the carts and were thrilled to see big animals such as elephants, lions, tigers and crocodile. This visit was followed by Mom & Tot program organized in the school wherein mothers & toddler kids spent an exciting day full of games and activities with their kids. The mothers went home happy and full of pride seeing how their little ones have grown and progressed so far. Brown colour day saw students pouring in wearing colour brown from all corners.
The Christmas chill was in air with bells on bobtails ringing and lifting everyone’s spirit to a new high, the little Santa of Maple Bear Canadian School Indirapuram & Vasundhara painted the school red & white. The day began with carols reverberating in the premises and tiny Santa, Snowmen & even Reindeers walking in the school and setting the atmosphere rolling. All the classes performed beautifully on Christmas songs and sang to melodious carols. A skit by the teachers was put up on stage wherein they portrayed the roles of Mary, Joseph and Kings Men. The birth of Jesus Christ was essayed beautifully with stage set in the backdrop of Jerusalem. Mrs. Snigdha was the Santa for the kids distributing the sweets and gifts; dancing all along with them. It was the perfect Christmas celebration for all.                       


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