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People Speak

A Professor/Coordinator's View

After visiting the Maple Bear School, I was so impressed and felt at home! It was so nice to see the interactive play and exploration that was occurring in all of the classrooms. The programming was creative, innovative, and you could tell that the teachers were enjoying the activities as much as the children. I truly learned a lot from my visit and am excited to share the exciting projects that are happening here in India!

Ms. Carmen Hall, MC, CCC, BCBA
Fanshawe College
Ontario, Canada 

A Centre Head’s View

"Maple Bear’s core strength lies in its well researched and time proven curriculum on a global scale. Having set up the first Maple Bear school in the region, we have received a very encouraging response from teachers and parents alike. The emphasis on learning and enjoying the process more than the outcome itself means that children enjoy their time at school while they exercise freedom of choice. In the process, children learn to be independent which is truly the most important learning for life. We are looking forward to creating a positive impact through the values Maple Bear believes and stands for.”

Mrs. Rajul Modwal (Centre Head/ promoter at Maple Bear Preschool, Goa) 

A Franchisees’ View
“I am very excited about achieving our dream of starting a preschool in Bangalore. I’m confident that partnering Maple Bear, the Canadian preschool group with global reach, will equip the centre with the best in class curriculum, teaching aids, and the right support system to pursue my initiative. The MB team is refreshingly committed and possibly as excited as I am, although this is perhaps their 33rd centre in India.”
Girish and Nagamani Rao (Owner, Maple Bear Preschool, JP Nagar 2)

Teacher Trainings

 Maplebear - Tearcher Training   Maplebear - Tearcher Training
Teacher Trainings and Academic Support
We believe that teachers are the pillars of a school. Teachers need training, hand-holding and active support so that they can transform schools into safer, gentler and more sensitive learning environments. During the trainings we create non-threatening, collaborative and participatory learning environments where the teachers' existing skills are upgraded, honed and transformed.
The trainings are organized as a seamless continuum, and are divided into stages.
Basic Training:  This training is for the freshly recruited staff in the Maple Bear School. This training module helps teacher understand the philosophy and pedagogy of Maple bear. It also gives them the expertise to implement the curriculum in the right manner.
Observation & Coaching Sessions:  Each teacher has her own areas strength and struggle.These sessions are done to help the teacher understand her strengths and areas of struggle. The trainer is in the class room to observe the classes and then may be intervene in the areas of struggle for the teacher. The demonstration in the class goes a long way in helping the teacher.
Skype calls:  these are done on a regular basis with the teachers in the schools. These calls help teachers clear their doubts immediately. They do not have to wait for the trainer to visit the school. This helps in achieving quality in the classrooms.
Audits: yearly audits are done by the academic team in all the schools. The schools are measured as per Canadian standards in all areas which includes curriculum implementation, operations, HR, infrastructure etc.
Education Leaders Training:  This is done once a year. The education leaders chosen from each school attend these workshops which are help in different locations to cater to the schools in North & South. These sessions are conducted by Canadian experts who have travelled to Maple Bear schools in various counties. They bring in a lot of expertise and experience which goes a long way in shaping our schools.
Maple Bear recently organized a 3 day Education Leaders workshop for all the Maple Bear schools across the country. This workshop was conducted in two phases for the South and North region. 
The trainings were conducted by Ms. Trish Ward from Canada. This Education Leader workshop aimed to provide expertise to the academic lead from each school who will help teachers in the classroom on a daily basis as per the Maple Bear guidelines.

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