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Maple Bear Pre-school, Velachery, Chennai

No. 5, 21st Street, Tansi Nagar, 
Velachery, Chennai- 600042
Contact Us:  09176678866/67


Parents want their children to be nurtured in a loving, caring and sheltered environment. They want their little ones to receive proper care and attention, especially during their initial stages of development. Our Day Care centre takes care of your child, covering hygiene and safety, and makes them feel at home.
Our centre will have a dedicated nurse and an on-call doctor in case of any health related issues. Children are unique and have their own patterns for play, feeding and sleeping. We use these patterns as our guide to introduce daily activities that will prepare your child for life. Our highly trained teachers and staff offer a nurturing and innovative atmosphere for children to develop their bodies and minds.
You are looking for a safe, secure “home away from home,” where your child can learn, play and grow. We have thus designed an encouraging and creative world for infants, which helps in their overall development. We are committed to making this first transition away from home easy and natural for you and your child.
Watch your child take the first steps toward a bright future when sharing his or her early growing experiences with our Daycare centre.
Since children need to keep active, a variety of learning areas and centres are provided at Maple Bear for the needs and interests of children of different ages:

Art and Craft Centre:
Painting and drawing materials, glue, tape and a variety of papers allows children to explore and express ideas and their feelings. 

Library and Audio/Visual Centre:
Books, tapes and CD/DVD are available to read, listen and see.

Large motor skill development Centre:
Areas to play games and develop physical skills (outdoor & indoor play area).

Mathematics Centre:
Manipulative materials for children to sort, count, classify, measure and learn number logic.

Science and Exploration Centre:
Rocks, nests, insects, bones and shells are some elements in this area. Magnets, balances, books and a magnifying glass encourage children to observe and investigate.

Game and Puzzle Centre:
There are puzzles and table games for the children to share, think, solve problem and develop their small motor skills.

Construction Centre:
Blocks and manipulative toys encourage children to design, create and build.

Role-play Centre:
This area provides children with props for playing house, hospital or store. There are also puppets and dress up clothes for imaginative play.

Sand and Water Centre:
Cups, spoons and funnels allow the children to measure and experiment with volume.

Music Centre:
Simple musical instruments are provided here to encourage the children to experiment with sound, tempo and rhythm.



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